CYMBELINE – Week 15 – January 25

Chris and Christopher got the actors’ measurements tonight (for costumes).  We also had Christopher curl up into a ball and measured the height/length/width of his form in order to get a good sense of the size we will need for the trunk.

For 1.2 – Cloten’s “smelly shirt” scene – we have combined the First and Second Lords into one (played by Jarkese).  As the single Lord, he has the challenging task of performing as a sycophant at one moment, and a jeering critic the next.  This will require some finesse with focus, voice, and rhythm.

For 1.3 (Pisanio and Imogen: “I would thou grew’st unto the shores o’th’ haven”), we paid particular attention to focal points.  I asked Pisanio to use a distant, horizon-level point for his speech, but now I am thinking that a focus on Imogen could work just as well – possibly better.  We’ll play with both and see what happens.

I wanted us to get to 1.4 this evening, but we ran out of time.  We’ll play catch-up next Tuesday.


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