CYMBELINE – Week 16 – February 1

We rehearsed 2.1 (Cloten expresses his frustration at losing a game of bowls, and learns of a stranger’s arrival at court (Iachimo)), and 2.2 (Iachimo emerges from the trunk in Imogen’s bedroom, or as I referred to it today:  “the home invasion scene”).

2.1:  Since we have combined the parts of the First and Second Lords, Jarkese is (gamely) working with the challenge of playing a two-faced character, at turns a sychophant and a heckler.  We are working at helping Chris (Cloten) to express himself more dynamically.

2.2:  Both Christopher (Iachimo) and Patrick (Imogen) are doing a great job of creating a very creepy scene.  After the first run-through, Christopher said, “OK, here goes.”  Then he removed his shirt.  The second run-through was electric.


CYMBELINE – Week 16 – January 30

We spent most of our time on 1.6: Iachimo’s meeting with (and attempted seduction of) Imogen.  Both Christopher (Iachimo) and Patrick (Imogen) are doing well with their lines.  Their current challenge is to clarify their objectives, beat by beat.  That clarity will support their other choices:  speech measures, key words, focal points, and actions.

People who end up in prison are often well-practiced in hiding their intentions – not only from others, but also from themselves.  Acting Shakespeare requires a clarity, focus, and forcefulness that runs against this grain.