CYMBELINE – Week 16 – February 1

We rehearsed 2.1 (Cloten expresses his frustration at losing a game of bowls, and learns of a stranger’s arrival at court (Iachimo)), and 2.2 (Iachimo emerges from the trunk in Imogen’s bedroom, or as I referred to it today:  “the home invasion scene”).

2.1:  Since we have combined the parts of the First and Second Lords, Jarkese is (gamely) working with the challenge of playing a two-faced character, at turns a sychophant and a heckler.  We are working at helping Chris (Cloten) to express himself more dynamically.

2.2:  Both Christopher (Iachimo) and Patrick (Imogen) are doing a great job of creating a very creepy scene.  After the first run-through, Christopher said, “OK, here goes.”  Then he removed his shirt.  The second run-through was electric.


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